Our pathway into work provides the best way for employers to find their perfect workforce of tomorrow. Skillshub Cumbria can work with you to upskill or retrain current staff, or to make an impact in the community in which you operate by engaging with potential learners.

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We have industry experts working in our classrooms and workshops, and a proven track record of fostering strong links with local businesses for the benefit of all parties.

Skillshub Cumbria is committed to working with employers to identify and address skills gaps, developing courses and qualifications which meet demand. That could be working closely to tailor parts of our curriculum to your needs or creating bespoke courses where the current offering does not have a solution.

Our training is not just for those looking for work – we can help you to upskill or retrain your employees to ensure that they have the skills they need for the future of your business.

As an employer you can be confident that our thousands of students and apprentices will develop to the highest standards ready to make an impact in a wide range of industries across the county – and many of them will have had first-hand experience in the workplace too!

Our offering includes:

  • Apprenticeships
  • Full-time and part-time courses
  • T Levels
  • Degree-level learning
  • Commercial and short courses
  • Bespoke training
  • Distance learning
  • Work placements
  • Community engagement
  • Skills Bootcamps
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Hiring an apprentice

An apprenticeship could be the perfect way for you to develop the workers you need with the support of our expert staff  and the Government.

It could be easier than you think to hire an apprentice, and the benefits include the expansion and upskilling of your workforce and the chance to ensure their training is specifically tailored to your business.

For more information about how apprenticeships are funded, click here.

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What apprenticeships are available

We offer apprenticeships across a huge range of industries, from engineering to catering and education to nuclear.

There is something for everyone and we have a track record of delivering for hundreds of employers.

Tailoring our offering to the county’s skills gap is crucial, and apprenticeships can be developed where the current range does not meet a need.

To see the full list of potential apprenticeships available, click here.

I would recommend studying at UoC to other students and organisations. There are endless qualifications available to enable constant continual improvement.

Ashleigh, Project Manager Degree Apprenticeship